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Updated 4/9/17

How much do custom prayer beads cost?
Custom prayer beads are at least $21.99 with an average of 13.5 inch or 34.3 cm circumference using available supplies, excluding shipping. Anything longer or other supplies I will need to order will have additional fees. Shipping to the US is $2.99, so an average total cost of custom prayer beads is $24.98 or more.

Will you ever make *INSERT DEITY NAME* prayer beads?
There is a possibility I may have them in my shop in the future, but I cannot guarantee it. Please contact me for a custom order if you are interested!

Can I use a certain prayer beads for another deity or purpose?
Yes, you can! Although they were originally made for a specific deity, if you feel they connect more to another deity or purpose, that is totally fine. These prayer beads are all yours after you purchase them!

Do you have any examples of custom orders?
I have a gallery of custom orders here šŸ™‚ Click the following link to see them: LINK

Do you take other custom orders besides prayer beads?
Yes, I do! I also take custom orders for bracelets, witch balls/bottles, amulets/talismans, tarot readings, etc. As long it is something I can do šŸ™‚ Please contact me for more information!

NOTE: Upon agreeing on a custom order, payment must be received first before I can begin making the order and/or purchasing required supplies. Custom orders are also non-refundable unless a problem has occurred that we have discussed.