Written by Anna (Crafts of Little Kitty Founder)
Illustrated by Breanne St. Germain

~ * ~ 2015 ~ * ~


Tac’s Grimoire is filled with witchy artwork, cat magick spells/rituals, Bast devotional writings, and catty tips shared by Tac the cat girl Witch and her familiar Buttercup the kitty. Also includes a list of Tac’s favorite catty books and movies and an all about your familiar fill-in sheet. This is the purrfect zine for the Witch deeply passionate and crazy about cats.

Bittersweet Witchcraft is a zine of all things eclectic-witchy with a spark of cuteness and cattiness. Filled with poetic spells/writings, witchy tips, and a few inspirational quotes that inspire me as a Witch.

Sapphic Tales & Witchcraft #1 is a lesbian-friendly zine featuring inventive lesbian Goddesses and witchcraft writings such as spells and witchy activities. The first issue, The Sea Goddess and Sky Goddess, is sea witchcraft oriented focused on the elemental deities, Marina the Sea Goddess (water) and Laria the Sky Goddess (air). Together, both the Sea Goddess and Sky Goddess work together to bring harmony and balance on Earth. The zine contains various magickal information about seashells, sea glass, glass float talismans, and more!

Cat Magick is filled with artwork and short writings of cats in eclectic Paganism and Asian folklore. Worship the Goddess Bast by her feet–or paws? Love cats that even cats rule your life? Need a few tips to keep your feline familiar happy? Perhaps a spell for your cat? This might be the purrfect zine for you.

Ria’s Cauldron is a Pagan zine based on a first person narrative of a witch named Ria. She shares spells, tips/advice, ideas/activities, and lore related to witchcraft and eclectic Paganism. The first February issue will be focused on lovey things related to Valentine’s Day.